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  This month www.healthnut.com.au brings you handy travel tips to help make your overseas trip a safe and enjoyable one. You will find handy advice on how to deal with jet lag, what to pack in your first aid kit, and information on common medicines.  
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  • Carry your bag, wallet and camera in front of you, not at back or in hip pocket.
  • Aerosols may leak, so position accordingly when packing.
  • Keep a record of traveller's cheque numbers in a different place from the cheques.
  • Take an adjustable clothes line, pegs and a packet of water softener for personal washing.
  • Check with the carrier for what you are allowed to take on board with you as post September 11 some items such as nail clippers are no longer allowed on board.
  • Check with your doctor or government department on immunisation and associated health certificates as early as possible to avoid last minute delays
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