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about us  

www.healthnut.com.au is an on-line extension of the Delahunty group of pharmacies which has been servicing Brisbane Australia since 1932 and was setup in 1997 to specifically provide our customers with competitive prices on alternative
health & nutritional products without sacrificing service.

The Delahunty group pharmacies are located in the Brisbane CBD and Fortitude Valley (within 2 km of Brisbane CBD - Chinatown) and our customers includes loyal long time clients from around Australia and the Brisbane suburbs, local workers, and overseas tourists.

Our products are mainly from Australian manufacturers and we specialise in uniquely Australian products that are difficult to obtain overseas, from paw paw ointment to shark cartilage we either stock it or can source it for you.

With such a diverse clientele and product range servicing all our clients well means using what ever technology that became available to reach our customers, the internet was no exception and was embraced by management - this is the beginnings of www.healthnut.com.au. Our goal is to provide leadership and be lead by customers needs and demands.


Prior to 1997 many of our overseas and interstate customers were ordering health and nutritional products over the phone or even by mail. The orders were usually for unique Australian health and nutritional products and often in large quantities. This represented an untapped business opportunity that complimented the operation of the Delahunty group pharmacies as the phone/mail orders were a new product category for the group and did not demand expensive retail display space.

When the internet revolution became mainstream in 1997, management saw the synergy that www.healthnut.com.au could provide to the Delahunty group pharmacies and thus was the humble beginnings of the healthnut web site.

Today, healthnut customers benefit from:

  • low prices due to the efficient and low cost internet operation;
  • convenience of shopping from home from all corners of the globe;
  • quick and efficient order fulfillment and;
  • the continuing Delahunty tradition of providing the best service and value to the customer.
going forward  


Understanding our customer's needs and utilising up to date technology has been instrumental in the success of healthnut. We aim to better our success and set higher benchmarks going forward which for our customers, means:

  • through growth we can provide even better value;
  • through technology, even more convenience;
  • a more comprehensive product range and;
  • a stronger relationship;


our partners  


Please also visit our partner sites for complete pharmacy services (including prescription medicines) and photo imaging services.




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