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Australian Pharmacy Practice
foundation Sanofi Aventis Medal of excellence
in the Great Hall University of Sydney Nov 14th 2008

James Receives Award.
Address by James A Delahunty to the Governors Dinner of the Pharmacy Practice Foundation November 14th 2007.

The President Mr Warrick Plunckett and your Council of the Pharmacy Practice Foundation. Emeritis Professor Anne Sefton, Deputy Chancellor, University of Sydney Dr Andrew Coates, Deputy Vice Chancellor, University of Sydney Jane Halton, Secretary, Department of Health and Aging. Fellow Pharmacists, and members of the Pharmaceutical industry, My family, Ladies and gentlemen.

From "message boy" and "bottle washer" to the computerised pharmacists that we are today! Like an everlasting golf game - seeking perfection, we as pharmacists are still trying to achieve that ultimate goal of total wellness, health and longevity for our patients.

What we have done in our 'have a go' way has laid the foundations for future generations of pharmacists to climb on our shoulders, and to further improve, innovate and better refine the ways of delivering ideal health outcomes. Unfortunately these are not restrained by our personal energy, but by budgets.

Along this pharmacy journey I have been helped with some of my 'mad ideas' by very talented staff and partners, both on the shop floor and from behind the scenes. To these great professionals I thank you with all my heart. I would especially like to thank my business partner and pharmacist wife, Carmel, and my children. They at a younger age did not see huge amounts of me due to my pharmacy commitments.

This is our 75th year in the Pharmacy Business for our family and we are celebrating that in Brisbane next week with over 400 folks from the health caring professions, as well as representatives and some of our key clients.

I attribute this award to the inspiration of my father, brother in law, and sisters who are here tonight.

I thank Doctor Karen Peachy the Vice President of Pharmacy Guild of Australia, for having Faith in putting my name forward to this esteemed foundation. Now in its 29th year (Same time that I have been married).

To Sanofi Aventis who made this award possible. May they come up with many more therapeutic solutions so that Pharmacists at the front line will eagerly dispense their products with confidence and knowledge, knowing that Sanofi Aventis have built their solid reputation on innovation. We both sell drugs - well!

I thank Warwick and the Council of Pharmacy Practice Foundation for this great professional privilege and acknowledgement.

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