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History of a fascinating dynasty.
but on James Delahunty’s side is his own reputation. The owner of Delahunty pharmacies is well-known as a professional businessman and community minded resident.

He has friends in many places ranging from real estate proprietors to Chief Justice Paul de Jersey. Long time friend Tony Atkinson, managing director of Raine and Horne Queensland said from the early days when they were at school James was always involved with the community. “ We go back 60 years. His parents used to own the Grosvenor and two pharmacies,” he said.
“ He was involved with a lot, particularly in rugby union.”

One of Delahunty’s customers is Wal Bishop, the owner of Wallace Bishop Jewellers. They have been fellow retailers in the CBD for 20 years. Mr Bishop said Mr Delahunty was known for being fair. “ He’s very enthusiastic. Anything he touches goes well,” he said.

Pharmacy Guild of Australia president Kos Sclavos said the Delahuntys helped many pharmacists get a leg up in the industry. “ Many pharmacists do work experience or pre-registration (an internship) at Delahunty pharmacies,” he said. “ James and his wife Carmel always support the industry. “ Carmel is also a role model to other women in the pharmacy game.” It seems it’s a case of like father, like son.

Leaf through the family photo album
and you’ll find yellowing pictures of Jas
J Snr, pict with the likes of Sir Raphael
Cilento, Sr Henry Able Smith, and Vince

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A few minutes into conversation with James Delahunty about his family’s 75 year history it becomes glaringly obvious the story is more about where they are going rather than where they have been. History is interesting but the future is much more exciting.

The very reason they have survived
the good times, the bad times and all
the in-between times is the “have a
go” mentality that this larger than life character embodies. It is easy to assume this is a family trait. “ Being adaptable, that’s what it’s all about,” he says.
I like to believe we are on the cutting edge of retailing rather than focussed on the past,” he said. “ You’ve got to get the balance right.”

The balance he is talking about is service versus the help yourself supermarket and discount approach. Innovation is equally important. Future for him means continuing to fly with new chemist shops, modern pharmacy inclusions such as naturopathy and natural medicine, and continuing to think as an entrepreneur.

“ Shop engineering, that’s what I’m
best at,” he says. “ If things don’t work, change.’’ It’s no idle threat. Dela,’ as his friends know him, is happy to take to take to a chemist shop with a saw himself. Delahunty pharmacies are likely to be in the city for a very good reason. “ I love the city. It’s fast and furious. “ People know what they want and I
like that.”

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