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The Family.
IT has been a long time since James
Delahunty’s father, Jas J Delahunty,
decided to go down the pharmacy track.
“ It was 1932 in the Depression era when
prescriptions were delivered on foot and
Jas J, pictured right, as he was known by
all averaged 40 to 50 prescriptions a day,”
said James proudly.

The premises was on the corner of
Wharf and Queen Street and shared with
a barber shop and racquet stringer.
“ Where the mighty Aurora multiresidential
tower now stands.”
You soon get the feeling that property
is another of the Delahunty family

The pharmacy was an immediate success
and a second shop was opened in 1936
at 144 Queen Street and this shop then
moved to the Brisbane Arcade where Jas
added perfumes to his repertoire.
The newest venture is the pharmacy
in QueensPlaza where traditional and
contemporary services are available.
Good service no doubt makes a business

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  PERFECT CHEMISTRY: Carmel, James and Bridget Delahunty are continuing the name which has become synonymous healthy living in Brisbane
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